Luciano Balbo and Lorenzo Allevi, founders and partners of Oltre Venture,
are the pioneers of Impact Investing in Italy and in Europe (via the EVPA).

Through Oltre Venture I (from 2006) and Oltre Venture II (from 2016),
we support the development of entrepreneurial projects that create value for the shareholders as well as for the community.

Today Impact Investing is considered a sector that is developing fast and in various different directions. From our point of view, Impact Investing involves bringing private capital into companies which, by adopting an innovative approach, try to meet the most important needs of the public by providing solutions that improve the quality, accessibility and sustainability of certain services and products.– Luciano Balbo - Founder and Chairman
We support entrepreneurs in developing their ideas by sharing the risk and making our various skills and competences available in terms of mentoring, financing, knowledge of various sectors and of social needs, whilst adopting a highly cooperative method of working together.– Lorenzo Allevi - Co-Founder and Managing Director