Società e Salute s.p.a.

Centro Medico Santagostino is a network of clinics that meet a widespread social need: offering high-quality medical services at low prices. The centers offer specialist health services in the areas not sufficiently covered by the National Healthcare System (such as Dentistry, Psycho-therapy, Speech Therapy, Physio-therapy) and in areas in which the quality standards are low. […]

Wonderful Italy s.r.l.

Every year the incredible wonders of our “Bel paese” attract tourists from all over the world, thus making Italy the fifth most visited country after France, USA, Spain and China.   However, more than 65% of the touristic flows are concentrated in the big cities (causing big issues as well), while minor destinations host much […]

Koiki Home S.L.

Koiki Home S.L. (Koiki) is a last mile delivery company founded in Madrid in 2014.   Koiki deliverymen (Koiki Messengers) are men and women who live in a condition of social exclusion and hardly find a job in the “traditional” job market. Messengers are employed through a network of social cooperatives working in the field […]

Sfera S.r.l. società agricola

The reduction of agricultural land due to climate change and intensive agriculture , and the simultaneous increase in consumption of fruit and vegetables requires immediate solutions to support the demand without damaging biodiversity and ecosystems .   Sfera’s objective is to respond to these environmental and market challenges  through the construction of highly technological large […]