Oltre 2

Oltre II is our second Fund, authorized by Bank of Italy on the 21st of October 2015 and enrolled at no. 1 of the Register of the Italian EuVECA Managers

We operate in the sector of Impact Investing, and specifically in Social Venture Capital. The current commitment from private and institutional investors is about € 35,67 millions. The first investor that has believed in our project is the EIF (European Investment Fund), with a commitment of € 10 mln. We will continue the fundraising until December 2017.
We invest both in expansion companies which need to grow further and in start-up companies. We invest in the following areas:

Social sectors:
Investments in Education, Healthcare, Social Housing, Assistance, Job Placement.

Investments in services for individuals, families, elderly and young population.

Investments in the most vulnerable areas of the country:
Investments in sectors such as Agriculture and Tourism: the ultimate aim is to optimize Italy’s strengths to promote economic and social development.

Other Sectors:
Investments in any other initiative that promote social solutions creating a positive impact for the community.