Società e Salute s.p.a.

Investment / € 2,5M

Oltre I promoted and founded in 2009, as the main shareholder of Società e Salute s.p.a., a network of clinics called Santagostino Medical Centre. These clinics meet a widespread social need offering high-quality medical services at low prices. The centers – nine in Milan and one in Bologna – offer specialist health services in the areas not sufficiently […]

PerMicro s.p.a.

Investment / € 875.000

PerMicro was founded in February 2007 by Oltre Venture and Paideia Foundation. It is the first Italian Microfinance company, both in terms of dimensions and geographic range. The mission of PerMicro is to promote financial inclusion and auto-entrepreneurship among economically vulnerable individuals. The ideal clients (Italian and foreign) of its micro-financing services are: – individuals […]

Gastameco s.r.l.

Investment / € 150.000

In 2013, Oltre Venture created Gastameco s.r.l., to offer to University students  in the most important cities of Italy an alternative to both the scarce quality of the public facilities and the high rents charged by private landlords. Gastameco s.r.l. provides, modern, functional and comfortable flats at affordable tariffs, with various complementary facilities and services. […]

Ivrea 24 s.p.a. e Sharing s.r.l.

Investment / € 1,3M + 112.000

Oltre I has promoted and developed one of the most important projects in Italy of Temporary Social Housing. In 2008, Oltre I constituted – together with Sviluppo e Crescita Foundation, promoted by CRT Foundation of Turin- a real estate company (Ivrea 24 S.p.a.): this company acquired in 2008 from Poste Italiane and renewed a 10.000 sq.m. building. The […]

Concordia s.p.a.

Investment / € 312.000

Concordia is one of the most innovative projects in the retirement homes sector. Concordia obtained a concession from the Municipality of Cerro Maggiore (MI) for the requalification of a building formerly used as a school, whose dimensions are approximately 4.400 m2. The aim is to offer flexible residential solutions modelled on the elderly population’s needs […]


Total Investment / € 3.000.000

MVH S.p.A. / Microventure SA S.p.A. / Consorzio Medicina E Comunità S.c.c.s. A.r.l. Onlus / PES s.r.l. / Novatech s.r.l. / Banca Carim – Cassa di Risparmio di Rimini S.p.A. / Boccaleone S.r.l. / Fraternità Sistemi S.c.s. / Crociferi S.c.a.r.l.