The results of our activities are made possible by all our investors and by all the people who help us with their time, skills and knowledge

Pioneers investors believed in us, being aware of the limited financial return on the investments, but also of the high social impact pursued by our portfolio companies.
These Investors believe in the Private Wealth Social Responsibility, and think it has an important role in developing innovative projects in the social field.


  • Foundations: Fondazione CRT, Fondazione De Benedetti Cherasco 1547, FM Social Investment, Fondazione Exodus
  • Private firms: Cleops srl, De Agostini spa, Eurofinleading Fiduciaria spa, Euromobiliare Fiduciaria spa, Mais spa, Tetrafin spa, Fa.Ro srl, Oltre Gestioni srl, Micheli associati srl, Gisei srl 
  • Individuals: Luciano Balbo, Riccardo Casalegno, Marta Ghirardi, Massimo Antonetto, Lucio Zanon di Valgiurata, Maria Cristina Alpi, Raffaella Alpi, Carlo Alberto Marsiletti
If you share our values and our operating model and you would like to sustain us with your personal, professional or financial support for the realization of new projects, please contact us.