Società e Salute s.p.a.

A chain of medical surgeries

Oltre I promoted and founded in 2009, as the main shareholder of Società e Salute s.p.a., a network of clinics called Santagostino Medical Centre. These clinics meet a widespread social need offering high-quality medical services at low prices.

The centers – nine in Milan and one in Bologna – offer specialist health services in the areas not sufficiently covered by the National Healthcare System (such as Dentistry, Psycho-therapy, Speech Therapy, Physio-therapy) and in areas in which the quality standards are low.

Beside being health facilities, the centers  are “Healthcare Places” where the patients feel welcomed: we pay great attention to provide guidance and assistance services and to support every patient during the entire process of diagnosis and therapy.

Currently, the centers have more than 469 doctors and professionals coming from the most important public medical facilities in Italy. The centers providing medical care in more than 57 specialties to more than 170.000 patients. The price of examinations is set at €60, the booking time is 3 days and claims are only 0,15%. In 2014 the Centro Medico Santagostino reached the economic and financial sustainability.

Social Impact
+170.000 patients from 2009 125 clinics rooms in 57 specialist areas 469 doctors and professionals.
Management Team
Luca Foresti, Chief Executive Officer.