Ivrea 24 s.p.a. e Sharing s.r.l.

Temporary Social Housing

Oltre I has promoted and developed one of the most important projects in Italy of Temporary Social Housing.

In 2008, Oltre I constituted – together with Sviluppo e Crescita Foundation, promoted by CRT Foundation of Turin- a real estate company (Ivrea 24 S.p.a.): this company acquired in 2008 from Poste Italiane and renewed a 10.000 sq.m. building. The entire investment was circa € 15 millions.

The building is currently managed by Sharing s.r.l., a company established by Oltre I together with Cooperativa Sociale DOC.

The facility, which was inaugurated in September 2011, currently offers 122 apartments and 58 rooms (for  a total amount of 470 beds) at low rates.

Sharing also offers various services aimed to develop social integration both to its guests and the local community: a restaurant with 90 seats, a literary cafè (in collaboration with public libraries of Turin), after-school care, psychological support, microfinance services, and other events/activities.

In 2013, Ivrea 24 S.p.a. sold the building to a real estate fund managed by REAM S.g.r., and the capital initially invested by Oltre I was fully reimbursed.

1,3M + 112k
9,9% + 16,9%
Social Impact
More than 10.000 people hosted; Low rates (between € 250 and € 550 per month); About 30 job places created; Renewal of this city’s district.
Management Team
Mario Ferretti, Chief Executive Officer of Sharing s.r.l.